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SSO Rajasthan ID Registration 2024 (SSOID)

SSO Rajasthan ID Registration 2024 (SSOID)

SSO Rajasthan ID Registration: Dear Rajasthan residents, Rajasthan Government has now done all the work online irrespective of any subject, if you want to fill any form online, you want to apply for anything.
So before that, you have to make ID. If you do not create ID here then you cannot apply for anything online. To avail of online services, you have to register online. Read the article carefully. How do you create an SSO ID? You will give complete information about the subject so that you can create sso id. And take advantage of online services.
Friends, now you will be thinking how we will create Rajasthan SSO ID, will it be easy to make and will we be able to apply online after this, friends are very easy, we will give you complete information about it, please read the information given below carefully and Create SSOID and avail online services.
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Download SSOID Registration PDF

What is SSO Rajasthan?

SSO Rajasthan is a gov platform. This is created to provide Government-to-Public and Government-to-Govt services to its citizens. After successfully registration, the user can avail more than 42 government beneficial services in one platform using their User SSOID.

Eligibility Criteria for SSO Rajasthan ID

The following general eligibility and criteria for Raj SSOID registration should be mentioned below:

Eligibility for Rajasthan SSOID

  • SSO ID registrant must be resident of Rajasthan state
  • All industries or businesses of the registrant must be in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan State Government Servants ( SIPF Users) can create SSO ID

Feature of SSO Rajasthan Portal

SSO Rajasthan government portal which provides a variety of facilities for the citizens of the state, which the citizens of Rajasthan can avail. Some of the main features are described below.
  • You can use Rajasthan SSO ID to apply in the state government job (RPSC Form).
  • Here you can pay your mobile bill, electricity bill, water bill, LIC policy premium etc.
  • One can avail facilities such as obtaining arms license and applying for admission to universities.
  • Farmers can apply for loan waiver.

Registration Process for SSOid

Anyone can create their account from the official website. Like there are three option first is Citezen second is Udyog and thirs is gov emplyee.
Registration Process for SSOid

Registration for Citizens

Citizens can obtain Digital SSO ID by the below mentioned points:

Step 1. Go to the registration page click here
Step 2. You have to click on the Citizen tab and then click on the Enter button.
Step 3. You can then register using one of the five digital identities,
  • Signup with Facebook account
  • Signup with Google account
  • Signup with Bhamashah accountAadhaar
  • Signup with Twitter account
Step 4. Local residents can have a government-provided digital identity that is linked to their bank accounts.
Step 5. You also have to enter your mobile number which is already associated with your Aadhar card number.
Step 6. After registering in SSO Rajasthan, you can enter login credentials (ID and password), will be able to enter SSO.

Click Here for Registration

Registration Process for Gov Employee

You can get Digital SSO Rajasthan ID as Government Rajasthan Employee ID for which you have to follow the steps given below:
Step 1. First you need to go to the sign up page click here
Step 2:  Government employees have to select the “Government Rajasthan Employees” tab and then click on the Enter button if you want your digital ID to be Rajasthan government employees.
Step 3:   After that, you have to enter SIPF number and password details.
Step 4:  After registering in SSO Rajasthan, you can enter login credentials (ID and password), you will be able to enter SSO.

What if Your Forgot Your SSOid or SSO Password.

In case if you have forgot your SSOid or SSO Password then the offcial website is having the forgot id and Password tab you can go there and reset your password and know your ID.

Here is the steps to recover your id and password-

For Resting Password-

If you have forgot your SSO password then you need to know your Mobile no or email ID or Adhar card no, If you have then follow below steps-

Step 1- Click here to reset your password and then there a new tab will open
Step 2- Enter your Email ID or your Adhar ID or your Mobile no and solve the captcha and hit submit.
Step 3- A OTP will come in your phone or email
Step 4-> Enter the OTP and reset your password.

For Reseting SSOid

For resting SSOid it depends on your account. If your account is the citizens then the method will be different that employee account. Here is the link for resting your SSOid account.

Help Desk For SSO Rajasthan

If you need any kind of help realted with the SSO (Rajasthan Single Sign) then contact information which is given below-

Help Line NO- 0141-5153222, 0141-5123717

Email address-> [email protected]

Do share to your family and friends so they can know how to do it.

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